May 4, 2016

Spring is in full bloom

The sun is warming the ground and the plants are taking notice.

In this area, temperature zone six, it seems Crocus is always the first flower to pop up even before the daffodils. Crocus will return long before the average last frost date which is around the third week of April in this region.

In more or less chronological order next comes the neighbors lilac bush as it starts to blossom along with the blueberry bushes.

That tells me it is time to start some tomato plants indoors for transplanting later. OG uses only non-GMO seeds.

White dogwoods usually have fuller blossoms, actually bracts, than the pink dogwood but both are pretty.

Evening primrose came in earlier than I remembered from previous years. It has been spreading a little on its own.

The rhododendron bush is overloaded with large pinkish red blossoms

The iris is very easy to grow. The flowers are delicate and don't last more than a few days. These also tend to spread on their own.

Flowers really add a splash of welcome color after the long winter.

Thank all of you backyard warriors!

Enjoy the fresh air of Spring!


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