Apr 11, 2014

Early spring garden reminders

Let's refresh briefly since a new season is upon us.

1. Start transplants indoors eight weeks prior to safe planting. In temperature zone six the first week of May is safe from frost so start the tomatoes indoors now!

2. Plant spring crops early including peas, lettuce, cabbage, and radishes. Save the warm weather plants like squash and tomatoes for later in the season.

3. Never work wet soil! No matter how tempting let it dry first. Check the pH and amend appropriately.

4. Map out your garden. Tall plants should not rob smaller plants of sunlight. Add some flowers and perhaps add some plants that are known to repel insects like garlic or marigolds. Encourage birds as they will eat a lot of pests.

5. Use non-GMO seeds! The brand "High Mowing" seeds are all organic and non-GMO. You may also want to check out http://www.rareseeds.com.

Enjoy your spring garden!

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